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At PARADIS DES SENS, we have always been fascinated by fragrances, their ability to evoke memories of times gone, & fantasy of ripening fields far away. It is like having a secret door that teleports you into your own Eden.
PARADIS DES SENS’s scents are all created with the finest materials & hundreds of years old craftsman ship, paired with cutting edge technology, produced to the world by Arcadie De Niche, a symbol of beauty at the heart of Paris, Champs-Élysées.

Each of our scents is a tale twined carefully; a hand-crafted balance of notes, as the name suggests. It is a story of perfection in aromatic form.
Join us in a journey through mysterious landscapes with perfect craft. Sample our potent scents & allow them to lure you into a mystical world of the finest of mother nature’s offerings, inspiring a sense of heavenly peace & tranquility deep within you.
As your skin absorbs it, its heavenly aroma pervades your ambient, it becomes part of who you are, & teleports you into a world of wonder & unforetold possibilities.

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Paradis des Sens is a fragrant manifestation of nature’s serenity, the natural longing for peace, and the expression of beauty.


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This is the place to escape.
This is the place where nature brings meaning to life and provides a journey to paradise.

Close your eyes. Take a breath. You have arrived to peace, to serenity, to heavenly bliss… to a paradise of the senses